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Wood Floor Care Products

Wood floors have a long life expectancy so correct cleaning and regular maintenance is important both for lasting appearance and durability. Do not compromise on products to maintain your wood floor. We recommend and stock the industries leading brands.
Bona, Osmo and Granwax products.

We recommend using walk off mats and rugs in heavy traffic areas. Regular maintenance in the form of soft broom head sweeping or soft brush head hoovering. Damp but not wet mopping with clean soft pads/cloth. Mopping with soft cloth/pad with manufacturer recommended cleaning solution. High heel shoes should not be worn on a wooden floor as serious damage can occur. We carry a range of Oils and lacquers for restoration and maintenance of wooden floors.

Complete wood care maintenance kits from the top manufactures are stocked in our showroom. Kits available for Oil and lacquer finished floors

Prevention is always better than cure so we recommend using felt pad protectors on the legs of furniture or cup protectors on wheeled furniture. Both available from our showroom.

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