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DIY Advice and help/self fitting

• If the installation requires a vapour barrier, do not forget it.

• First, calculate how many floor boards are required. If the last
row is less than 30 mm wide, cut the first row, too. When installing
floors with Woodloc® joints, it is easier if you start on the
side with more doors. If there are doors along the short side of
the room, begin each row of boards there. The boards can be
installed from both left and right.

• The maximum floor width is 18 metres. If the floor is wider,
contact Kährs.


1. Begin in one corner, and work from left to right with the long underlip
facing into the room. The gap between the long side and the
wall can be adjusted once three rows have been laid.

2. Press the next floor board in at an angle against the fi rst, and lay
it fl at. Continue in the same way along the rest of the first row.

3. Cut the last board in the first row to the correct length, and begin
the next row with the piece left over. The end joints between
boards must be staggered by at least 500 mm (at least 300 mm
for 1.2 m boards and 7 mm Linnea).

4. Press the floor board in at an angle against the board in front.
Tap lightly with the block while carefully pressing the board downwards.

5. Push a Kährs Laying Wedge in under the end of the board already

6. Press the short end of the next board into position at an angle,
and lay the long side of the board down.

7. Remove the laying wedge and, using the block, tap gently on the
long side while carefully pressing the board down. This will locate it
more easily.

8. The gap between the floor and the walls can be adjusted once
three rows have been laid. Place wedges between floor and the
wall. Remove the wedges when floor laying is finished.

If you do decide to fit the floor yourself and would like any advice on fitting, feel free to call us. We can you give you advice and help over the phone for free.