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Wood Floor Restoration And Floor Sanding

We  use the industries leading products in our restoration projects ensuring the highest quality appearance and most durable finish to your flooring. These include Granwax, Bona, Osmo, Hermes. We can sand and then seal your hardwood floor with the very best lacquer/Oil finishes on the market.
Our machines are 98% dust free, making restoration a little easier for you
  • Sanding of Wood floors
  • Sanding of floor boards
  • Repair to floor boards
  • Sealing of wooden floors
  • Sealing of floor boards
  • Gap filling of floor boards
  • Oiling of wooden floors

  • Wood floor maintenance

We can sand wood floors in any size areas including;

  • Domestic properties
  • Sports floors
  • Village halls
  • Assembly halls
  • Dance studios
  • City halls
  • Offices


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